Things To Consider When Buying A Car From An Owner

To purchase a vehicle for sale by owner, you should do what you might do when considering cars for sale at any dealership. The same advice applies dealers in the birthplace of Elvis Presley, where you’ll find the best used car dealership in Tupelo MS.

Things to consider

It pays to be circumspect and ask questions. It pays to make sure the seller has everything in order. If not, the motor vehicle department may hold up the transaction while waiting for all the proper paperwork.

Images with Used cars

If you know something about vehicles, you may be able to examine the car visually. You can, of course, take the vehicle for a test drive.

If possible, you might bring a mechanic along to give the vehicle a “once-over”. You can use Carfax online to get information or check similar vehicles for sale by used car dealers in your area.

Another helpful resource: You can use Carfax online to get information about the vehicle in questions as well as check similar vehicles for sale by used car dealers in your area.

Some private sellers will allow the potential buyer to have a mechanic run a diagnostic test on the car. Many small garages and repair facilities today have these machines.

A private seller seldom offers any guarantees. Some, but not all, dealers do offer some sort of certification.

The important thing to remember is that when you buy a vehicle from a private party, you almost always buy it “as is”.

“As is” means you have no guarantees. There could be unseen problems such as a bad transmission, a leaking gas tank, a bad radiator, etc. Often such problems aren’t immediately noticeable to the average person. It’s only after driving perhaps for half an hour, the problem really shows up.

Find the reason for the sale

When a private seller offers a vehicle for sale at a very attractive price, you have to wonder if there isn’t some unseen mechanical problem.

Despite what the seller tells you, doing your own research is the best way to go. Remember, whatever the reason for the sale, the person has no loyalty to you.

While you’re doing your research, someone else may come along and buy the vehicle, but you can always go to a used car dealer and probably find a better deal.


When you consider the purchase of a vehicle from a private party, it’s important to remember that this person is looking at his/her best interest. This person has no loyalty to you and since this is probably a one-time sale, there’s no question of your becoming a regular customer.

In contrast to private sellers, a used car dealership will be hoping to develop a relationship with you. The used car dealer knows that if you’re well-treated, you’ll tell your friends. When you want to get another vehicle, you’ll probably come back.

So remember, before you buy from a private seller, be sure to do your research and ask lots of questions.

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