When I needed a emergency dentist in Lynnwood

No one ever plans for this sort of thing when having a dental emergency so I thought I would share with you my experience with this from one geek mom to another. I know what your thinking, why the heck do we need to read through another dental story but relax this is my last one. At least I hope it is. I just had to share about my amazing experience with this emergency dentist in Lynnwood.

So first off if you didn’t know already I am very scared of dentists. It all started when I was a little kid and I need a tooth pulled out. The tooth was giving the dentist some trouble. Also while your reading this I swear I am not making any of this stuff up. Your are about to be amazed and gasping as you read this. So back to me being a kid, probably about 6-7 years old. This asshole dentist doesn’t know the meaning of dental care. Or have the common sense to make a kid feel at ease. So he is trying very hard to pull this tooth out of my mouth with no success. He then proceeds to put his knee on my chest for more leverage and starts yanking at it some more. Not to mention the whole experience was traumatizing but painful as well. Since all of this I have been scared to see a dentist in a long time.

Anyhow, i’ve been having a tooth ache from time to time when eating sweets. It would normally hurt for a little while then go away. Only this night it didn’t go away and I couldn’t hold it off any longer. I was lucky to find this post about Lynnwood Dental Center REviews. After reading all the great things people had to say I decided this was the one. They staff and doctor were so great making me feel very comfortable about my phobia. I can now say these are my friends and I plan to go back more often for checkups.

If you want to check them out you can visit them here Lynnwood Dental Excellence 4202 198th St SW #3, Lynnwood, WA 98036 | (425) 775-0651

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