Should You Move Yourself Or Hire a Mover in Pearland?

Have you been thinking about moving to Pearland? If so are you thinking about moving this year. If the answer is yes then it is never too early to start planning your move. Most of the time we usually ask family but that means your moving day could take all day! Family can be a great help but that means you are going to be busting your butt too. When you paying someone whom you hardly know that can be a problem too. My mother in law hired a few people her friends new paid them about $500 2 people and now after everything was moved in shes been working non-stop for 2 days trying to get everything in order. She’s even still moving stuff herself after moving. When it comes to hiring professional movers in Pearland tx I got some good advice for you.


When hiring a moving company out here in Pearland the benefits far out way the costs. I don’t know anyone who likes to move. I think we all hate it but I think we also hate paying for movers when we know we can do it ourselves. Yes, you can do it yourself but when hiring a company to do it it can save you so much time. It can even be stress free. I’m going to outline a couple of tips on how I found the right Pearland movers.

This isn’t going to be another stupid post about the obvious. I’m not going to go on and on about how you should search Google and Yelp. We all know how to find companies. Once you find the moving company you like it’s time to get estimates. The most important thing to remember even if you like a company is to get more then 1 estimate. It can be time consuming but doing this can save you at least a few hundred dollars. The good news is I did all the work for you and found the company Pack it Movers. I put their info below. These guys were by far the most professional. They came out looked at all my stuff and told me exactly how many people I would need and how many trucks. This was very refreshing since last time I chose 1 truck and 3 people. That was a complete mess that I won’t get into now though.

Pack It Movers

P313, 10223 W Broadway St,
Pearland, TX 77584

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