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If your a mom like me it can get very time consuming scouring the internet looking for dental reviews. I just moved out here in Lynnwood and taking care of the kids all day takes up most of my time. You won’t believe what I had to go through to deliver you these reviews.

First my day started out taking my son to the doctor. Let’s just say the visit wasn’t at all fun. It wasn’t just a normal doctor check up. My son had to get not one but 4 shots. He was not very happy when we left the office. I decided since he wasn’t feeling to happy I would get him mc donalds but even that couldn’t bribe him to make him happy.

So after we came home it was time to continue my search. Like most people when searching for anything especially Lynnwood dental Center reviews I started with Google. Google can be hit or miss when trying to see if they are real or fake reviews but if you read them through you should be able to figure it out. It also helps to review their profiles. If you see that the person reviewed all over in different states then that should be red flag. Also if you see an dental office with only 1 review from each person that can be another red flag. That could mean the lynnwood dentist is asking for reviews or paying someone to create a new account and write them a review. While doing my searches I found a tumlr account with many good lYnnwood dental center reviews.

If Google is not your way or you don’t trust them that is fine. Yelp is my next best thing. For you should be able to trust these reviews. What yelp does in review filtering is good. They make it very difficult for Lynnwood dental offices to fake their way to the top. Any time a dentist gets a fake review yelp will take them down and sometimes even shame them to teach them a lesson. If found a lyNNwood dental Center Yelp review that looked pretty good.

A very long story short you are very welcome for these great reviews I gathered. I found great things about Lynnwood Dental Center. They recently changed their name because they are under new managment now. Read more here

Lynnwood Dental Excellence
4202 198th St SW #3, Lynnwood, WA 98036
Phone:(425) 775-0651

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