Advantages of Synthetic Grass

Have passed by your neighbor’s house and wonder how they manage to maintain their lawn as it looks great always? You will be surprise to know that the lawn is fake. Synthetic grass is a synthetic fiber that is design to look like natural grass. More people are now using artificial grass before it save not only time but money need for regular maintenance of natural grass. Green Turf is a premier provider of artificial turf for both residential and commercial properties. There are many advantages derivable from using artificial turf.

Less Maintenance

You will need all year maintenance if you have natural lawn. The natural lawn needs constant mowing during the summer months and raking in the winter months. Without regular mowing, the lawn will be over grown by weed. Artificial lawn need little to no maintenance once you install. The only maintenance you need for artificial turf is periodically raking and lifting up any flat spot that is now tangled or matted. You are also sure that your house will be clean as there will be no mud or dirt tracks to stain the floor of your house. To clean pet littering is not difficult because all you have to do is hose off the urine or pick up their litter.

Environment Friendly

You need to spread regularly with insecticides and pesticides to prevent fleas, insects and other pest from attacking natural turf. Artificial turf does not need these chemicals to prevent pest and insects from attacking it. With artificial turf also does not need fertilizer which is need for natural grass to boost it growth. Artificial turf also does not need that use automatic trimmers and mowers that cause air and noise pollution.

Saves Water

You are going to save a lot of water by using artificial turf. For people living in a dry climate area, then artificial turf is the best option for such people. By installation of artificial turf in your house, you will be save up to 22,000 gallons of water per annum and approximately 75% of your monthly water cost.


The good thing about artificial turf is that it can be used in any weather and last long. Most artificial turf develop now have water drainage system and such water cannot clog on it. An artificial turf has a minimum of 8 years life span and there will be no need for periodic replacement.

Perfect for Sporting Activities

What you can use artificial turf for is much. You can use it for different sporting events such as soccer pitch, tennis court and golf course. The average playtime that is allowed on natural grass per season is 250 hours but artificial turf as no limit on play time. The only maintenance that is required for artificial turf is regular brushing to clean out any mud and straighten any flattened bristles. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning artificial turf can last for many years.

Because of the many benefits of artificial turf it is gradually replacing natural grass.

More and more schools and sporting clubs are going for artificial turf for playground. Visit for more information on how to get an artificial turf.


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